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This fine Bali painting was from one of the famous art galleries in Medan Indonesia. My ex marketing manager bought it in 1975. Later he sold it to me.

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When I first saw this painting in 1975 at a friend’s place, I was amazed and fascinated. Somehow I felt a deep connection and was drawn to the picture. I wonder what was the thoughts of the painter, the moods he tried to portray in his art at the time of his drawing. The awe and the colour mystified me. 3 years ago.(2005) I passed a art gallery shop and lo and behold. I saw this very painting so many years ago and I wonder whether it is the same one that I saw in 1975. Without much hesitation , I went to purchase it and it is now hanging on my walls. I am still fascinated with the mystery of the drawing and till this day, never got tired of looking at it.

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