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藏人传说,古时有一大力鬼神“麻当鲁扎”具三头六臂四族二翅,住于尸陀林中,危害三界有情。 藏人传说,古时有一大力鬼神“麻当鲁扎”具三头六臂四族二翅,住于尸陀林中,危害三界有情。噶玛黑鲁嘎 ( 金刚萨?的忿怒相 ) ,为降伏此大力鬼神,乃化身为“普巴金刚”,与此大力鬼神同一形相,具大威神力,终将大力鬼神及一切魔众摧伏。


“金刚杵”又叫做“宝杵”、“降魔杵”、“杵”等。“金刚杵”一词,原本是帝释的一种“电光”的称呼。不过,平常都用于称谓他所用的武器。同时对于诸神力士所持用的一种器仗,也称作“金刚杵”。在后来的密教中,采取它寓有“摧毁敌者”的间意义,遂把诸尊圣神所执持的某些器仗,都称呼为“金刚杵”了。从而更把它转变为修法用的道具。  有关“金刚杵”的叙述,在契经中,时常提到它。例如:菩提场所说一字顶轮王经第一、大般涅盘经第三、陀罗尼集经、苏婆呼童子请问经、一切如来大秘密王未曾有最上微妙大曼荼(“荼”字有作“陀”、“拿”的)罗经……,都曾经提到“金刚杵”的情形。《大藏密要说》:“金刚杵是菩提心义,断坏二边契于中道,中有十六大菩萨位,亦表十六空为中道,两边各有五股,五佛五智义,亦表十波罗蜜能摧十种烦恼。”这种杵代表:可消除自身一切罪障,使三昧耶过悉皆清净,使胜共悉地皆得成就,一切违缘障碍悉消除无余,一切顺缘所愿善根悉皆增长,一切男女怨敌债主皆令满足欢喜,怨敌消除。金刚杵也表三摩地无动摇之意。挥如来之金刚智用,破除愚痴妄想之内魔,以展现自性清净之智光。佛教密教则用它来代表坚固锋利之智,可断除烦恼,除恶魔,因此其代表佛智、空性、真如、智慧等。  “金刚杵”的“质料、量度、样式”等等,诸经所说,每有不同。

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The song was composed by Zheng Qiufeng(郑秋枫) for the 1979 movie “Oversea Loyal Sons” (海外赤子) starring Qin Yi and Chen Chong (Joan Chen). The voice in the original soundtrack was that of Ye Peiying (叶佩英), an accomplished soprano who was born in Malaysia but later moved to China after the establish of the PRC

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Liu Wei lost both of his arms at the age of 10 after he was electrocuted during a game of hide-and-seek. He  played James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” at the final in Shanghai Stadium.

Liu Wei’s quotes:

“To me, there are 3 things can not be missed in life – air, water and music.”

“There are only 2 paths in my life for me – either to die as fast as possible, or to live as brilliant a life as I could.”

“I don’t feel that I am that different from other people. Normally everyone is used to do everything with one’s hands so your hands are more flexible. There is no rule saying that you can’t do things with your feet.”

“A man should be responsible to his dreams. My dream is to become a great musician.”

“I know if I want to do it better than other people, I have to put in more efforts”

On the note he wrote on the paper in this clip, it says'”
Walk on, at least I have a pair of perfect legs.”

His mother said in the clip,”Sometimes his legs would cramp, he couldn’t put any strength on them. He has worked harder than normal people.”


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